Mentors are still available to meet through remote services and phone calls!

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Mentoring Parents, Providing Hope

Mentoring Parents, Providing HopeMentoring Parents, Providing Hope

Why is mentorship important?

Having a mentor in your life can be a very positive experience. Mentors are invested in your success, they want you to succeed and reach your goals. Mentors are there to support you, they are a ear to listen, a friend to vent to and a support system to encourage you. Mentors are there to build you up, hold you accountable, motivate you and recognize that some days are just plain hard and that's okay.  

Mentors are like free life coaches!

What are the expectations for a Mentee?

  • Mentees are encouraged to connect with their mentors at least once a week to check in. 
  • Mentees are encouraged to meet with their mentor at least once a month face to face.  Meetings in the mentees home are preferred. 
  • Mentees are encouraged to get involved with a local church or other support organization and attend on a regular basis, with their children. 


Unlike other similar programs, there is no time limit on our mentorship program. Mentors and parents are requested to commit to at least a 1 year commitment. 

*A mentee is the person being mentored

How To Request a Mentor?

Fill out the request form and submit!

Someone from our organization will be in touch with you  within 7 days of submitting your request. 

We look forward to getting to know you and being apart of this amazing journey with you!